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  • Suzette McD

What happened to my hair color?!?!?

So let's begin with a question that I'm asked routinely: "Why does my hair color look different in the bathroom and not as gorgeous when I was in the salon? Is something wrong? What happened?!?!?!?"

Answer: Nope. Nothing wrong. Lighting has changed. Light changes how we see everything. Indoor vs. Outdoor. Flourescent vs. Incandescent. Natural light vs. LED lighting. Warm vs. Cool. Depending on the time of day, the quality, and nature of the lighting you (and every solid object around you) will appear differently because of the light present in that environment/moment.

Watch this marvelous video below that illustrates how wildly different, and quickly, hair color is effected by lighting. (Note: This lighting science truth effects all hair colors, be it blonde, brunette, redhead, natural or artificial. This pretty unicorn mermaidian's hair color provides an excellent, and rather shocking, expample.)

So, if you're unhappy or unsure of your brand new haircolor, consider reevaluating what you're seeing by moving to another room, stepping outside and/or possibly changing a few lightbulbs in your home. If you're still questioning the quality of your new color, call me. I've got you.

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