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Having a Blonde Ambition?

It would be so fun to go Full Blonde! Elsa, Marilyn, Storm! Blonde is beautiful! Blonde can be liberating! Blonde can take severa salon visits! Wait... what? It's true. Chemically changing your hair color to a pale blonde takes some time, money and maintanence. When I have a client wanting to go blonde (or wants to have rainbow unicorn hair - the hair must be pale blonde to create a clean canvas for the vivid/pastel/neon colors to visible) I look at several factors:

1) How long is the hair?

2) How thick or thin is the hair?

3) Is there pre-existing hair dye anywhere in the hair?

4) How healthy is the hair?

5) How dark is the hair to begin with?

These factors can require more time and steps to get you to the desired blonde goal. Check out Kyle's blonde adventure. His hair color looks AMAZING!

Once you decide to go blonde, be aware there is maintanence. You will need a violet based shampoo and conditioner to keep the brassy yellow tones out of your blonde hair color. Depending on the length and health of your hair, you'll need to use Olaplex #3 at home, at least once a week. Olaplex is a revolutionary product in the hair industry that rebuilds the weakened or broken sections in your hair to keep it bionic strong! More about Olaplex in another blog post. Many blondes see their stylists every 3-7 weeks to retouch their roots. We get to know our blonde guests pretty well!

If you're still up for going blonde, I gotchu! Let's play with your hair!

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