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Unicorn Mermaid Maintenance 101

Hello, gorgeous ones!

I hope today finds you abundantly happy, healthy and living the life you want! If that lifestyle includes lighter, artificial hair color (blondes, reheads, all highlights) and/or enhanced magical colors (vivids), have I got a wonderful treat for you! My goal as a professional stylist is to help you achieve your desired vision for your look AND to help you maintain that look for the longest, reasonable time possible.Targeted info and products are your keys to success.

This video is packed full of easy haircare tips to keep your hair healthy and vibrant. It covers everything from purple shampoos and conditioner, insider tips on refreshing your color in between salon visits, how to protect your hair from hot tools and sneaky damage culprits.

Our video hostess brings up a number of product suggestions, how to use them and specific brands that she likes. I carry several product lines that are organic and hypo allergenic that I would love to share with you. Specifically, Davines, Eufora, DermOrganics and Olaplex. Each brand is created with natural ingredients, treats our Earth and animals ethically, uses recyclable packaging, participates in community building programs and provides reliable hair care and styling results. Every head of hair is different. Not all products are created equally. When you're in my chair, or you've texted/emailed me with a question, we discuss your hair texture and specific needs, (say, curly vs. straight, or red head vs. aqua green mermaid) and which product line best suites those needs. Let my education and experience help you be the best YOU! That's what I live for!

Please enjoy!

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