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Hello! My name is Suzette McD. I'm a Color Specialist, Precision Hair Cutter and Stylist. My passion for color and shape is here to help you achieve your hair color & cut life style, be it classic,modern or unicorn. 


I attended the Columbus College of Art and Design, in Columbus, OH, with a focus on painting and sculpture. combining my education, desire to support people and our environment, I enrolled and graduated from the Alameda Beauty College with the intent to do and be better in the world. locally.  I've honed my skills as a colorist and hair stylist through continued education, competitions and real life experience with the most amazing clients. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found my purpose through being of service to my community. My free time is spent painting portraits & landscapes with my love, James, eating, running on the beach with my zombie 5k training app , 5K obstacle mud runs, Netflix bingeing, roaming museums and playing tag with Shüg Night and Steve Buscemi, our cats. We all live happilly by the beach. Life is good.