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  • Suzette McD

Are Vivids Right for YOU?

Hey there, Beautiful People! Let's talk about Vivid hair color and YOU! There are a variety of choices from easy, one time only, clip-in extensions all the way to a full head of rainbow unicorn hair.

The first video is to help educate y'all with what to expect in time and money to achieve the perfect vivids for your lifestyle, how to maintain the brightest colors as long as possible, and guide you in figuring out which lifestyle best suits a LOW, MEDIUM, OR HIGH MAINTENANCE amount of rainbow, unicorn, mermaid hair color. I hope this makes your choices easier.

The second video is to help guide people under 18 years old and their parents/guardians in making the best vivid hair color choices and plans to meet their students' lifestyle needs. Not all schools are cool with unnatural hair color. How long are you comfortable sitting in a salon? Vivid hair color takes time, like 3 hours and more kinda time. I have suggestions and a plan for how to work with that and get the colors you want! Check it out in the bottom video.

And, Heaven help me with how the video screen shot presents me. Meh. So funny! Here we go!.

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