What is Odelay, a green salon? And what does Odelay mean?

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"Órale" is a Mexican/Chicano word that not only means "Hell, yeah" or "Right on", but has lots and lots of meanings. Also used to: indicate surprise.


Slang used in the Hispanic culture, possibly exclusive to Mexican, meaning to agree wholeheartedly or to express enthusiasm for an idea or object. Equivolent to "Right on" or "Cool".


Beck liked the misspelling, naming the album after it. As such, the word carries a similar exclamatory function to it's Spanish pronunciation. "Odelay, Odelay!


Odelay is the fifth studio album by American musician Beck, released on June 18, 1996, by DGC Records. The album featured several successful singles, including "Where It's At", "Devils Haircut", and "The New Pollution", and peaked at number sixteen on the Billboard 200.