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Happiness is Star Power

I downloaded this "Happiness" app a little bit ago. Wasn't expecting much, just a little mini techno joy to carry in my pocket for when I needed it or felt the urge to smile. The founder of the app, Nataly Kogan, sent out this email that surprised me in how thoughtfully it was written and how doable happiness is. I found her list of 40 things to be happy about more than helpful and eye opening. It provides an array of charming and practicle thoughts and actions to consider adding into my life (our lives).

The bombings in Brussels happened yesterday and this seemed particulary important for me to say. t's my belief that happiness not only shines eternal, that it enhances even the darkest moments. I love the phrase, "Only in darkness can we see the stars". That experience is true in every person, every country, religion, ethnicity, and, especially in the darkest moments. Let's find the happiness in the darkness. We know it's there and it is invincible. Look for the stars, be the light. We need to shine brightly together and for eachother to expose the dark.

Click on the star picture to read the article by Nataly Kogan, the founder of the Happiness app. I hope you find a little brightness in it.

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